My Aspiration

HOUSE OF MEDIATION has been founded to make conflicts socially acceptable, to recognise and acknowledge them in order to eventually deal with them professionally. In my eyes, conflicts per se are neither negative nor positive, they are initially value-free. A conflict primarily only indicates contradictory positions. It is how these differences of opinions are organised or dealt with that make a conflict destructive or constructive. I believe that nobody argues without a reason and that we can grow through the peaceful resolution of a conflict. I imagine mediation firms to be similar to law firms. Their task could be to develop this idea further in order to create a new, better awareness of conflicts and how to deal with them.

Up to now, the separation of a private or professional relationship – or perhaps both – and a possible subsequent court hearing due to a conflict have been part of our everyday lives. There is also the settlement of a conflict by consensus. The amicable settlement of a dispute without the use of legal force could be another task of a mediation firm.

My vision with HOUSE OF MEDIATION is to establish such mediation offices around the world and to support people with a similar attitude to conflict.

About the founder

Felix-Alexander Seiterle

How did I become a Mediator?

Are we not all regularly involved in conflicts throughout our lives? Already in my childhood I felt burdened by small disputes. Especially when I was the object of the conflict, although I was not actually involved. Experiences shape people, and so I decided to make use of my experience.

First of all, there is scorched earth under a conflict. To cultivate it anew costs energy and strength. It is only of limited help to know that scorched earth is particularly rich in nutrients.

Although continuously developing, I – like many – have remained a child in certain aspects and would like to run away from disputes. Sitting in a wheelchair, however, running away is inherently difficult. That is why I claim that I have been given a very special approach to conflict. I have learned: The fear of engaging in conflict can and should be broken through!

In the majority of all conflicts there is a hidden value – that is a synthesis opportunity of the different interests, which is waiting to be lifted! I speak from experience: seize this opportunity and utilize it – improving our quality of life is worth it!

Conflicts deserve our full attention!


In addition to my existing personal experience, I qualified in over 200 hours as a business mediator at the IHK.

With varying instructors, I expanded my knowledge through different perspectives and emphases. The closed group of participants allowed on the one hand the continuous improvement of my skills without interruptions, and on the other hand the confidence to self-reflect among each other regarding challenging situations from the practice of real-life mediation.

The different professions of the participants also gave insights into the various fields of application for mediation.





Qualification as a "certified mediator" under German law






Graduation Westerham business mediator (IHK)



Graduation Physics B. Sc. (TUM)



Birth in Nuremberg

Worth knowing


Deepening thoughts on the logo

HOUSE OF MEDIATION is “brainwork”. From the constructive work with our clients to the design of our logo. HOUSE OF MEDIATION is built on 4 pillars, which can be seen in our logo above.

  • Pillar 1: Hunger for conflict resolution
  • Pillar 2: Need for progress in dealing with conflicts
  • Pillar 3: Constant pursuit of own ideals
  • Pillar 4: Courage to go unexplored ways

The round arches above connect these 4 pillars and symbolize the guiding principles for mediators:

  • Allpartiality
  • Independence
  • Neutrality

We associate our color choice with well-being. Brown is the color of Mother Earth. Brown represents stability and security for us, as well as a roof over our heads.

We design mediations according to these principles!

Political position

HOUSE OF MEDIATION is also politically neutral. Each movement, party affiliation and opinion are seen as identities from their own point of view. HOUSE OF MEDIATION is non-partisan.

 According to Paul Watzlawick “You cannot not communicate.”, therefore, better do it in a constructive manner!

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