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It gives me pleasure when people look each other in the eye and shake hands again after an argument. In the event of a conflict, we often see the situation with different eyes to how it has really happened. HOUSE OF MEDIATION guides conflicting parties to re-establish actual proportions and adopt new perspectives. This creates understanding and opens up opportunities for win-win solutions.

At HOUSE OF MEDIATION you receive professional support for your conflict.

Private individuals

What does conflict resolution achieve for me?

Inner peace

Allowing breaks and rest periods to recover instead of always thinking about the conflict.

Clarity and overview

Professional relationship building supports me in asserting who, how and to what extent persons should participate in my life.

Planning certainty

Making decisions about upcoming steps in my conflict resolution, knowing their potential consequences, and being comfortable with them.


Resolved conflicts allow me to be more confident in daily life.


What does conflict resolution create for my company?


The focus of everyday business be the core of the company’s mission.


Challenges and especially hidden conflicts are revealed and named.


Common efforts are well facilitated and synergized.

Healthy network

There is an empathetic working atmosphere between colleagues and partners, so that everyone has access to the information relevant to them and is able to support each other if necessary.


By means of conflict resolution the annual profit increases (see also


Potential fields

What are the fields of application of mediation?

business mediation

Shareholder conflicts

  • Shaping the company: dealing with ambiguities in the articles of association, policy of corporate actions, future of management, etc.
  • Shaping of investment planning: dealing with non-competition clauses and business opportunities, shaping of profit distribution, shaping of new projects, etc.).
  • Shaping the separation of a company: future of assets (current assets, PP&E), dealing with customers and employees, shaping representation in front of competitors / authorities / insurance companies, etc.
business mediation

B2B and B2C conflicts

  • Design of the cooperation agreement: Designing bureaucratic hurdles, designing quality assurance, dealing with supply chains, dealing with intellectual property, etc.
  • Shaping the joint project: dealing with unexpected costs, dealing with missed targets, shaping responsibilities, etc.
  • Conflicts in service / purchase / supply contracts: Dealing with claims for damages, dealing with reviews and other high-profile news, etc.
  • Design of contract termination: dealing with residuals, handling sensitive data, designing public statements, etc.
business mediation

Intra-company conflicts

  • Shaping interpersonal relationships: Manner of communication, dealing with office gossip, dealing with romances, etc.
  • Design of work processes: clarification of tasks, powers, responsibilities, competencies, deadlines, substitution arrangements, etc.
  • Design of working conditions: Working time (model), office (equipment), vacation, salary, warning, dismissal, etc.
  • Management and works council: design of occupational health and safety, design of company agreements, design of social plan, etc.
  • Shaping individual needs: Shaping religion in everyday work, dealing with private and professional (e.g. childcare), dealing with occupational accidents, etc.
business mediation

Company formation and closure

  • Design of the articles of association: design of the company shares, design of the capital structure, dealing with risks, design of special rights, etc.
  • Designing company succession: how to change management, dealing with business/private property, designing protective rights (e.g. for employees), etc.
  • Dealing with insolvency: future of the company, dealing with liabilities, dealing with jobs, dealing with intellectual property, etc.

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Each month, one conflict with a dispute value of less than 10,000 Euros is advertised for free mediation. Please write an e-mail with the subject line “Pro Bono Program”.

Please feel free to inform yourself about the pricing of HOUSE OF MEDIATION.

Felix-A. Seiterle, House Of Mediation



​HOUSE OF MEDIATION promises with its services:

  • Professionalism
    I constantly and regularly educate myself through literature, conference trips and close exchanges with colleagues. I am thus a member of these associations.
  • Objectivity
    From the beginning of my offer to the conflict resolution with possible debriefing, it is important to me to commit to rationally comprehensible reasons for and within a mediation.
  • Transparency
    My clients have access to all information about my history, my qualifications and my services, which they can view at any time on my website.
  • Heart and soul
    I stand for total commitment and complete customer satisfaction.

HOUSE OF MEDIATION puts its horsepower on the road for you.



A mediation is priced according to hourly, half-day, daily booking and hybrid booking forms.

Booking rate price pricing
hourly rate 350,00€
50% daily rate (4 hours) 1300,00€
100% daily rate (8 hours) 2600,00€


In addition, there is a one-time preparation fee of 200,00€. Expenses for premises and travel costs (outside Munich) are to be considered individually.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.