Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about mediation.


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What is mediation?

Mediation is a conversation. This mediation conversation can be held directly and simultaneously between all conflict parties in one place or indirectly in several places. The latter is called Shuttle Mediation. The mediator creates a constructive atmosphere for the conversation. HOUSE OF MEDIATION prefers the first approach.


What is co-mediation?

This is a mediation with several mediators. It is recommended when there are several parties in conflict, in order to meet the needs of all mediatees.

HOUSE OF MEDIATION will take care of arranging a suitable co-mediator.

What are mediatees?

Mediatees are the parties to the conflict within a mediation.

How does mediation differ from other alternative dispute resolution processes?

In contrast to other dispute resolution processes, such as arbitration or court proceedings, the conflict parties in mediation are usually not provided with a solution to their dispute.

The focus of mediation is on the autonomous development of a solution by the parties involved, without any external evaluation of the facts. A mediation ends when all mediatees are satisfied / agree with the result found. They are responsible for this themselves. There is no judgment.

The process of decision-making is of equal value to the outcome, especially in internal conflicts.

How does a mediation proceed?

A mediation with HOUSE OF MEDIATION consists of five successive phases of discussion.

These are structured as follows:

  1. Opening: clarifying of mediation’ principles
  2. Stock-taking: presenting of the conflict up to now by all parties
  3. Identification of interest: visualizing of the expectations behind the opposing views
  4. Option development and selection: creating new solution horizons and testing for applicability in practice
  5. Final agreement: settling of conflict

How long does a mediation take?

It usually lasts at least three hours.

The exact duration cannot be defined in advance, as this is the personal responsibility of the mediatees. You will automatically be graduated to the less expensive price model. Preliminary contracts with limited duration can be agreed upon.

In the mediation contracts of HOUSE OF MEDIATION all parties commit themselves to come to a quick agreement. However, it may take time. Clients should decide upfront on whether they prefer a fast or more thorough conflict solution. It is not always possible to achieve both at once.

For the efficient resolution of important business interests (B2B), we recommend reserving two consecutive days.

Are trusted third parties possible as additions to the mediators?

Yes. However, at the beginning of the mediation or in advance in the mediation contract, all participating parties must agree on the persons present in the mediation including their functions.

Commonly those are lawyers and interpreters, but also friends.

Does HOUSE OF MEDIATION also offer pure online mediations?

No. HOUSE OF MEDIATION cares about the success of mediation.

Although there are good reports on the success of online mediations, in such mediations only a part of the instruments of a face-to-face mediation is available. HOUSE OF MEDIATION has therefore decided against conducting pure online mediations. Hybrid forms depend on the individual case.